Commitment to Providing Fact-Based Information

Crown Surface Solutions is opposed to "greenwashing" – the conscious use of deliberately dubious or misleading environmental statements or claims. To this end, Crown's commitment to maintaining sustainable goals is an ongoing mission, which involves closely monitoring manufacturing processes within its own factories, along with continuing to research and develop new responsible processes and encouraging our own manufacturing and our suppliers to take ownership in reducing their carbon footprint.

Low VOCs for Better Indoor Air Quality

We recognize the strict standards stipulated for healthy indoor air quality through the California 01350 Specification. Accordingly we offer and strongly recommend vinyl wallcovering products that are manufactured to meet that standard.

Environmentally Improved Manufacturing Processes

Many of the contract vinyl brands Crown distributes safely print wallcovering using HAPs free and water-based inks. Through precise methods, these inks are oxidized — generating heat that can be returned to the process, virtually eliminating any hazardous emissions of carbon dioxide. Inks are processed through a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), which reduces our energy usage and allows us the ability to capture, monitor and record measurable emission data.

We are proud of our achievements to date in the production of our residential wallcovering. These products utilize both water-based inks or recycled printing inks on presses with a closed loop system. The process sends all inks to a distilling process to be used over again, resulting in zero liquid ink waste.

To Reduce the Environmental Impact of Products

As a corporation, Crown Surface Solutions conscientiously practices environmental stewardship, and as such, invests time, care and resources to being a leader in distributing quality residential and contract wallcovering consisting of sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing processes. Our contract vinyl brands are durable, easy to maintain by using simple soap and water.