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Murri Desking Screens
Murri Desking Screens enhance user privacy whilst still allowing access to natural light. Easily specified and assembled, Murri Desking Screens are an ideal solution for virtually any environment where standard desking or work tables require a high level of personal space division. Murri Screens define and divide space, while reducing acoucstic and visual distractions.
• Highest quality P.E.T. - an ideal material for reducing ambient noise and sound within highly interactive environments
• Easy assembly
• Lightweight design quickly and easily attaches to worksurfaces providing both privacy and access to light
MURRI designed by Paul James
W" H"D"
48 2424
60 2424
72 2424
P.E.T felt
Colour / FINISH
Available in 20 Zintra colours and 4 Timber colours. Acrylic - Clear(C) or Frosted(F)
NRC Rating
12mm only
Indoor only
How to Specify
Size, Colour, Wood Finish
FMDS4824, FMDS6024 or FMDS7224
Then add to the end of the model number:
- Acrylic finish
- P.E.T. Colour
Example: FMDS4824FCT = a Murri Desking Screen in Frosted Acrylic and Cadet P.E.T.
Ships knock down. Assembly required
Care Instructions
Vacuum regularly to remove dust.
For stains:
1. Blot excess spills from material quickly as possible. Wipe with a damp cloth.
2. If stain persists, a mild soapy water mixture and damp cloth can be used to rub the stain.
3. If stain still persists, use a polyester carpet shampoo cleaner mixed with water, a damp cloth and apply to the affected area (or as per manufacturer's instructions). Blot well after each application.
Infection Care
If there is a need for infection control, bleach can be used in accordance with Health Canada Cleaning and Disinfection instructions.
Prepare a diluted bleach solution according to instructions on the label or if using bleach that has a concentration of 5% hypochlorite, add 5 mL (1 teaspoon) of bleach in 250 mL (a cup) of water, or add 20 mL (4 teaspoons) bleach in 1 litre (4 cups) of water to give a 0.1% sodum hypochlorite solution.
Always try these methods in an inconspicuous place on the product prior to trying on a visible area.
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