Zintra is made from 100% recyclable materials. It meets the Global Recycled Standard and is Red List Free.
Post-consumer recycled content from PET bottles
Pre-consumer recycled content from PET chips
PLA Polyactic acid, a bio-based material
Our sustainable initiatives
Air Quality
CDPH Standard Method V1.2 means our products are free of formaldehyde with low VOC
Noise Reduction
An NRC rating of 0.45-0.9, almost 20 times that of a standard drywall.
Fire Safety
Class A fire rating per ASTM E84, so there's no limit to where it can be used architecturally.
Carbon Footprint
Regional manufacturing minimizes carbon-intensive transportation.
Waste Reduction
Manufacturing offcuts are used in product packaging and protection.
Give Back
At end of life, we'll help you identify local recyclers or charities to give Zintra a second life.